Pelle Agorelius AB is an innovative entrepreneur living and working at Saxhytte Gård in Grythyttan, a well-known culinary centre. The Agorelius family have developed their own business and estates there since 1648.


Cider made from frozen apple juice, cow milk cheese from the region of Västerbotten and the first ever soda to include cloudberries


Of all products from Skåne, Absolut Vodka is the most well-known. An even older product with a distinct Skåne heritage is spickeskinka often referred to as the Parma ham of Sweden. Herring and cheese will be featured too.


Taste West Sweden: Openness, curiosity and innovation is permeating the food culture in West Sweden. Here you find local producers and food craftspeople who work with pride and professional skills and create world-class products.