Swedish company String Furniture is presenting an extraordinary new design. the classic String system, designed in 1949 by Nisse Strinning, now also comes in a cool all-metal version. This takes the system to a whole new level of versatility and can be used, for example, in the hallway or in the kitchen. This is complemented by clever accessories from the new String+ range, so all sorts of things can be hung up and stored.  As another new offering, String will be presenting its plastic bowl shelf component in a luxury felt design. With its soft surface, the unit, consisting of three containers, provides ideal storage for delicate items such as smartphones or keys. Available in light grey, anthracite and beige, it can be integrated into the system just like a shelf. The String+ product range was created by Swedish designers Anna von Schewen and Björn Dahlström, who have been collaborating with String since 2013. “When designing accessories for the String system, we place great importance on ensuring that the products can be effortlessly integrated into the system while staying true to the classic design’s minimalist idiom.” says Björn Dahlström.

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