Örsjö Belysning AB has its roots deep in the southeast corner of Småland, in southern Sweden. This is an area known for its entrepreneurial spirit and strong tradition of design and handicraft, qualities that Örsjö has honored for over 65 years. Today, Örsjö remains a hallmark of timeless lighting fixtures and collaborates with Scandinavia’s leading designers, including Jonas Bohlin and Note Design Studio. All production, from components to finished products, is carried out at Örsjö’s factory in Nybro, Sweden. This not only gives complete control over everything from deliveries to the impact on the environment, it can also guarantee that the fixtures are the result of the vast experience, sense of quality and innovative spirit that has become synonymous with Örsjö Belysning.
The Hobo lamp, designed by Gustaf Nordenskiöld, is an example of true handicraft, from the basket to the brass tubes, which need to be meticulously bended and brazed. The lamp is a narrative of the power and force of the moment when red-hot molten glass hits the brass basket, bulging, stopping and setting in its final expanded form. Each Hobo lamp is unique.

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