Bolon is a story of three generations of a family business. Over 60 years ago, the founder Nils-Erik Eklund had an idea – to turn textile waste into rag rugs – and Bolon was born. His granddaughters Annica and Marie have been running the company since 2003. They have been on a mission to make Bolon a design-led innovator and to fuse its conservative, traditional heritage with the boundless creativity of the world of art. And they have succeeded spectacularly, with collaborations with some of the best designers and architects in the world, and their own innovative talent and style. They keep coming up with new stories and ideas, inspiring the rest of the world. In Milan they will present, among other things, the rug collections Duet and Villa La Madonna. These are the first two expressions of the latest experimental research concept Innovators at Heart.

Hall 24
Stand: C05