Give in for Green is a project developed by the third-year students of industrial design at the Gävle University. Are plants there for us or are we there for them? Can new techniques increase their sound-absorbing, air-cleaning  qualities, and improve wellbeing for both humans and plants? For ten weeks the students have been experimenting and designing products and furniture based around plants. The aim has been to integrate growing into the interior environment in new ways and to strengthen the positive effects of plants. The project is a collaboration with the Stockholm-based company Greenworks, which creates green walls and environments. 

Participating students are Linnéa Löfquist, Frida Thornberg, Tida Sawo, Joakim Holmer, Erik Forsberg, Svante Nystrand, Simon Woll Söder, Jonatan Berg, Caroline Uppenberg, Emma Jonsson, Sara Ericsson, Lisa Teodorsson, Klas Andersson, Ludwig Löwf, Sarab Shihab, Viktor Gattzén, Carl-Martin Wiberg and Tobias Hansson

Haigo Space
Via Pastrengo 15, Isola

General opening hours:
April 4-8,  10:00 – 20:00
April 9, 10:00 – 18:00
Open evening April 5,  20:00-22:00