The design studio Form Us With Love will host a four-day series of displays, breakfast talks and workshops. It will take over a Milanese architect firm, Monzoni Raboni, in the historic centre of the city and the Prototypa will take you into the studio practice, revealing critical decision-making in design, architecture and fashion.

Form Us With Love was founded in 2005. Since its conception, the studio has burned with a passion for design and its democratic potential. Its belief is that we all have a right to meaningful design. The central intention is to evolve with the needs of each project, its place in the market and the ever-changing needs of real people. Today, the work of Form Us With Love falls into three areas: Consultancy, an engagement in products, ranges, collaborations and spaces for clients around the world.  

Studio Monzini Raboni, Via Cappuccio 17
5 VIE, Art + Design District
April 4-7, open 10:00-12:00