Folkform will collaborate with the craftsmen in an old bookbinding workshop in 5vie, Legatoria Conti Borbone, to make a series of unique books and to exhibit new revolving bookcases and a new reading lamp under the exhibition name Libreria Folkform. Folkform aims to explore the old craft of bookbinding, an art representing a production process of thinking, shaping and transforming a material through which knowledge is created. The design studio has worked with objects closely related to literature and books for some time, one example being bookends for Skultuna brass works. The new bookcases produced by Svenskt Tenn are a natural development of their work.

Legatoria Conti Borbone
Corso Magenta, 31
April 4-8,  8-12, 13-18:30
Cocktail April 5, 18:00-23:00