Aiming for democratic architecture


The exhibition

The exhibition Aiming for democratic architecture gives examples of democratic architecture from all over Sweden. These include schools, health centers, libraries and public squares — projects based on the needs of different groups in specific environments. The exhibition is an attempt to open up a wider discussion of what democratic space can be and how to create it, what tools are available and how to develop them even further.

Thirty-four architectural offices and organizations have developed short wordless films that illustrate groundbreaking projects on the overall topic of democratic architecture. Together with short presentations in text, the projects show a wide range of contemporary projects in Sweden, a country with a long tradition of creating open and democratic spaces, with processes where everyone is able to get involved. Inclusion is a value we treasure in the global community of today. But we also face challenges and search for new solutions. We use design as a tool to innovate and solve problems.

Another dimension of the exhibition is that visitors will remove their shoes and instead put on hand-knitted socks, partially to illustrate the phenomenon of shoe-free zones — one of six themes. At the exhibition, visitors will also be able to meet over a cup of coffee in a temporary living room.

The exhibition Aiming for democratic architecture, presented during Archtober within a program organised by the team Swedish Design Moves New York, is produced by Architects Sweden for the Swedish instutute, in collaboration with MYCKET (Mariana Alves Silva, Katarina Bonnevier och Thérèse Kristiansson).

The exhibition presents work of the following contributing teams:
Ahrbom & Partner / Block-by-Block Foundation / Codesign / Dana Arkitektur / Disorder / Färgfabriken / Göteborg stad – Jubileumsparken / Kistabibliotek / Knivstabostäder / Kjellander Sjöberg / Kod Arkitekter / KTH school of architecture / Kulturhuset Stadsteatern /  Link arkitektur / Mandaworks/ Marge Arkitekter / Murman Arkitekter / MYCKET / Nivå landskapsarkitektur / Okidoki! Arkitekter / Sida / Spridd / Statens konstråd (Cirugeda/Cherinet) / Stockholm stad / Sweco / Tengbom / Tyréns / UN-Habitat / Urbio / Wahlström & Steijner / Wester & Elsner / White / Wingårdhs / Örebro kommun - Oset